My Asterisk Data

This page contains scripts and configurations to be used with the Asterisk PBX system
- This script is designed to drop .call files into the Asterisk queue which
  then set the caller id string and loop the call back to one of your inbound
  trunks that have caller id + name enabled so you can find out who's
  number it belongs to.  (Written by ATravelingGeek)

iWar (The Intelligent War Dialer)
- This is a wardialer written by Da Beave for which I'm greatly honored to know.  For years there has never been a Unix/Linux based wardialer of any complexity and this was Beave's contribution to the effort.  It's made for Analog hardware modems but Beave did release a version that use IAXPhone's features to assist with manual dialing and identification of telephone numbers. - My contribution is in concepts and "slogans". :-)